Personalized menus

Personalized menus Personalized menus Personalized menus Personalized menus
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Personalized menus

The future bride and groom are very welcome to explain their special needs and preferences so that we can work together to meet their needs and prepare a Wedding Menu that can be up to their expectations and tastes.

Esempi di Menù

Menù 1

Welcome cocktail with…
Grana Padano cheese, Salami
small bites of home-made focaccia and pizza
Fried lake fish
Marinated trout with dill with yogurt sauce and chives
Steamed shrimp tails with slices of citrus fruits and arugula sprouts
Octopus carpaccio with lemon and aromatic herbs
with butter curls and toasted white bread
Scallops au gratin with provencal white bread
First Course
Fusilli pasta with bites monkfish
with half dried tomatoes pesto and basil 
Home-made Meat Tortelloni with Castel Magno cheese and Summer black truffel
Sorbet with lemons of lake Garda
Second Course
Roasted sea bass with Summer vegetables, basil
and Satèn Franciacorta wine Sauce
Waiting for the Wedding Cake
Fruits filled with their ice cream
Wedding Cake
Meringata with wild berries



Menù 2

To start..
Cream of leek and potatoes 
with goat cheese mousse with thyme and black summer truffle
To follow..
Goose salami with red onion jam
Lightly smoked goose roll and pink grapefruit with soncino salad
Parmesan cheese souflé
Horse mocetta with rocket salad and lime citronette 
Lardo with honey and warm brioche bread with walnuts
First course..
Carnaroli Rice with groppello wine 
with robiola cheese and thyme
Homemade tortelloni with late radicchio with a mushroom sauce
Second course..
Chateaux Briand with herbs with rosemary oil and potatoes Parmentier
Duck breast with orange and vegetables and cocoa beans sauce
Pre Dessert..
Green apple sorbet with pears williams


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Golf Package