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Ayurveda-haromony and Psychophysical wellness
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The term Āyurveda derives from Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) and more specifically from the union of two words Ayus and Veda. 
The term Veda indicates knowledge while Ayus is for "life;" thus Āyurveda is a Science of the knowledge of life.
Life is understood as a continuous interaction between the body, senses, mind and soul.
Āyurveda has four basic goals:
  • to prevent illness,
  • cure,
  • maintain health,
  • promote a long life.
The term health/healthy in Sanskrit is Svastha, which literally means "establishment in oneself" or "in the condition proper to oneself."
health is considered a natural condition of humans, while illness is seen as distancing from a normal condition.
Like all oriental sciences, Āyurveda
has the goal of reaching a balance of the energies of the body and mind in their relationships with the environment.
The care techniques adopted by Ayurvedic Medicine are varied and differently articulated.
Ayurvedic treatments aim to re-balance the base energies (Dosha), helping to remove stress, and are deeply relaxing and regenerating.
  • they improve the luminosity, hydration and softness of the treated areas and of the body in general;
  • they improve blood and lymphatic circulation, slow the aging processes, encourage elimination of toxins and improve physiological functioning in general;
  • they improve the quality of the skin, muscle tone, and elasticity of the joints, and nourish the entire body and the senses;
  • they re-establish proper relationships between body and mind.

Partial Ayurvedic Treatments

  • Shiro Abhyanga (Specific treatment for the head) - €60,00
  • Mukha Abhyanga (Complete Ayurvedic face treatment) - 70,00
  • Tanda Abhyanga (Specific Ayurvedic treatment for the back) - 60,00
  • Griva Abhyanga (Specific Ayurvedic treatment for the neck) - 60,00
  • Pada Abhyanga (Specific Ayurvedic treatment for the feet) - 60,00
  • Udara Abhyanga (Specific Ayurvedic treatment for the abdomen) - 60,00
  • Hasta Abhyanga (Ayurvedic hand treatment) - 50,00

Complete Ayurvedic Treatments

  • Sarvanga Abhyanga (Full body treatment to alleviate tension) - € 85,00
  • Nala Abhyanga (Full body treatment to improve vein and lymphatic circulation) - € 85,00
  • Udvartana (Full body treatment to eliminate toxins) - € 85,00
  • Shiro Dhara (deep relaxation treatment) - € 150,00

Special Ayurvedic treatments

  • Kash Bowl (Foot and leg treatment) - € 60,00
  • Basti esterni (Purifying partial body treatment) - € 70,00
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