The term Āyurveda derives from Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) and more specifically from the union of two words Ayus and Veda. 
The term Veda indicates knowledge while Ayus is for "life;" thus Āyurveda is a Science of the knowledge of life. Life is understood as a continuous interaction between the body, senses, mind and soul.

Āyurveda has four basic goals:

  • to prevent illness,
  • cure,
  • maintain health,
  • promote a long life.

The term health/healthy in Sanskrit is Svastha, which literally means "establishment in oneself" or "in the condition proper to oneself."
Health is considered a natural condition of humans, while illness is seen as distancing from a normal condition.

Like all oriental sciences, Āyurveda has the goal of reaching a balance of the energies of the body and mind in their relationships with the environment.

The care techniques adopted by Ayurvedic Medicine are varied and differently articulated.

Ayurvedic treatments aim to re-balance the base energies (Dosha), helping to remove stress, and are deeply relaxing and regenerating.

  • they improve the luminosity, hydration and softness of the treated areas and of the body in general;
  • they improve blood and lymphatic circulation, slow the aging processes, encourage elimination of toxins and improve physiological functioning in general;
  • they improve the quality of the skin, muscle tone, and elasticity of the joints, and nourish the entire body and the senses;
  • they re-establish proper relationships between body and mind.
  • Kash Bowl
    (treatment dedicated to feet and legs) - € 60,00
    Partial treatment dedicated to feet and legs, performed with the help of a special “bowl” made up of a particular metal alloy called Kash. This is a special treatment from the oldest Indian tradition, used to alleviate heaviness of the legs, excess heat, fatigue.
  • Basti external treatment
    (treatment made with medicated oil on specific areas of the body) - € 70,00
    Partial treatments include keeping medicated oil on specific areas of the body (back, neck, knees, abdomen, shoulders, chest) with deep decontracting and purifying action.
  • Sarvanga Abhyanga
    (full treatment of the entire body) - € 85,00
    Full treatment of the entire body performed according to the traditional style of Southern India, in 5 or 7 positions. Alleviates the tension of mind and body, reduces muscular and articular rigidity and improves flexibility in general. It is rejuvenating and nourishing for all the tissues
  • Nala Abhyanga
    (treatment to improve vein and lymphatic circulation) - € 85,00
    Full treatment of the entire body that aims to encourage and improve vein and lymphatic circulation. Useful for lightening the heaviness of the legs and of the entire body. It gives lightness to body and mind.
  • Udvartana
    (draining and purifying treatment) - € 85,00
    Full treatment of the entire body provides for the use of powders of herbs that are massaged into the skin according to specific manual techniques. Draining and purifying, they eliminate slackness and toxins, improving the appearance of the skin and making adipose deposits.


  • Shiro Abhyanga
    (specific treatment for the head) - € 60,00
    Useful for anxiety and stress, energy loss, disturbance of the senses. It improves the quality of sleep, gives mental clarity, improves the condition of hair and scalp; it may alleviate headaches.
  • Mukha Abhyanga
    (complete Ayurvedic face treatment) - € 70,00
    Particularly delicate and relaxing, it decreases fatigue, prevents skin problems, improves luminosity, oxygenation and rosiness, smooths the lines of the face and nourishes the senses. It is composed of four various phases: face massage with stimulation of the Marma energy points, application of steam, Ayurvedic purifying and regenerating mask (lepa) and finally delicate massage with a special saffron Ayurvedic oil (Kumkumadi), well known for its rejuvenating, nourishing and energizing properties.
  • Tanda Abhyanga
    (specific Ayurvedic treatment for the back) - € 60,00
    Dedicated to the back and to the shoulders, it relieves muscle and skeletal tensions, relaxes deeply, decreases stress, and promotes rest and stability for the body and mind.
  • Griva Abhyanga
    (specific Ayurvedic treatment for the neck) - € 60,00
    Dedicated to the spine area, shoulders and upper part of the back. It helps to release muscle tension, fatigue and stiffness of neck and shoulders.
  • Pada Abhyanga
    (specific Ayurvedic treatment for the feet) - € 60,00
    It improves joint flexibility and reactivates circulation. Useful for swollen legs and feet and feelings of heaviness. Relaxes the body and the mind; useful in treating insomnia.
  • Udara Abhyanga
    (specific treatment for the abdomen) - € 60,00
    Helps to alleviate abdominal tensions and to encourage intestinal movements. Tones the digestive organs and is indicated for those whose stress tends to affect this area.
  • Hasta Abhyanga
    (ayurvedic hand treatment) - € 50,00
    Provides for stimulation of the many energy points in the reflexive areas affecting various organs and parts of the body. It improves joint flexibility, decreases fatigue, and is relaxing and useful for everyone, older people and those performing physical work.