Gabriele Seresina

As a racer and Opel Team Manager, you 've been travelling the world for a decade, living in Hotels.
How much this experience influenced the Hotel's concept?
The main reason was that, I was fed up with anonymous Hotels.

After living a frenetic life, managing an Hotel could be a valid alternative?
I don't want vacations anymore, I want a life that I could like everyday.
I love my new job. My guests feel good here, my employees look happy, so I am also a lucky man

Where you got the idea to swap the Racing Box with a Boutique Hotel?
In 2002 i quit my job and told to my wife, that I would liked to use my decennial experience of Hotels, in order to open an Hotel myself, one with heart, character and soul.
And I always had an affinity with gastronomy. My mother cooked for Gabriele D'Annunzio.

How you decided to stay in this house?
We discovered this antique mansion, property of the Feltrinelli family, which used it for hunting purposes.
The place was closed for 20 years and falling apart. So we renovated it and we opened the Hotel in 2005.
I had several pieces of furniture coming from my houses and container, which where finally placed here.

Who was the responsible for the Hotel project?
My wife, comes from the fashion world, and she defined all the interiors.

Extracted from the German newspaper Süddeutschezeitung "Eine Perfekte Woche am Gardasee"